Files App Can Now Create Files and Folders in Google Drive When Your Chromebook is Offline

An interesting feature has landed in the developer channel for Chrome OS, with the latest release. You can now create files and folders from the Google Drive section of the Files app and they will be synced back to your drive account when you are back online.

What a great news! Google Drive file/folder creation is now possible in the Files App even when we’re offline in the last Dev update,
François Beaufort said on his Google Plus post today. Here is the official crbug.

So next time you are offline, go ahead and create files or folders on your Google Drive and it will automatically be synced to your cloud storage on Google Drive next time you connect to the internet.

That’s one more item off the offline feature wishlist for Chrome OS. What is next in your list?

  1. I wish me more features for GDocs and Gsheets. I can’t work with it in ascientific way.

    But whon knows what ist comming up.

  2. Interestingly replay François Beaufort’s title, screenshots… and inability to create *files* with Files app. Sigh.

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