Google Removes Chrome’s Classic New Tab Page (For Ever!)

Remember the old, new tab page? The one without the Google search box or doodles? That was available behind a flag, but with the latest update to Chrome, Google has removed that as well. And that means you are not getting the classic new tab page back.

Like, ever!

Google says that “there are no plans at the moment to provide a way built into Chrome to change the new tab page. You can find a number of alternative New Tabs in the Web Store”.

I actually like the new design of the NTP, mostly because it will force people to type in their search queries straight from the new tab page. You won’t believe the number of people who still open up to enter their search keywords instead of just entering them into the Omnibar.

I think this change is for them. Plus, to bring Google Doodles to Chrome and make it more Googly.

If you are really missing that NTP, here is a list of alternatives. I am sure you will find something useful there.

via Google Operating System.

  1. Im actually used to the new tab page now.

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