Chrome OS Gets “Bluetooth 4.0” and “Bluetooth Low Energy” Support

Chrome OS has been  qualified as a Host Subsystem for Bluetooth 4.0 & Low Energy. This means that Chrome OS is getting support for the following exicting features:

– Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth Smart)
– Bluetooth Low Energy (previously called Wibree)
– A2DP High-definition Audio

According to François Beaufort, , if you’ve enabled the Developer Mode⁴ on your Chrome Device, you can open a Chrome OS Shell and type bluetoothctl to enter a Bluetooth shell and type show. There, it should display some cool information about your Chrome device.

Other than your wireless mouse and wireless headset, what are the other accessories that you usually connect to your Chromebook?

I have a wireless mouse that I always use, and a wireless headset in my wishlist. I now have to think about more accessories?

  1. I’m the same way. I always use a wireless mouse and I’ve had the best wireless headset by Plantronics (kind of expensive, but well worth it) that I use constantly to talk on the phone and of course listen to music. It should come bundled with Chromebooks because it’s incredibly useful.

  2. Whats the point of bluetooth 4.0 if I still can’t get my phone to connect to bluetooth 3.0
    on my samsung chromebook and other accessories like speakers.

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