Developers, You Now Change Your Chrome App’s Frame Color

Here is a cool news for Chrome App developers. Google has made it easy for developers to change color of your app windows. François Beaufort reports:

What colorful news! We can now change the frame color we use for Chrome Apps windows in the last chromium build for Windows and Linux.

For information, I was able to get this screenshot by specifying different experimental frameOptions: { color: “#123456” } in my window creation options¹.

Here is the screenshot:

Now, here is the description from the commit log:

Add frame color option to packaged app windows.

If app windows are created with a frame color option, that color is used
for the frame. If no color is supplied a native style look is used
instead. This is currently implemented on linux aura and windows only.

This change also removes the –apps-use-native-frame flag on windows.

Wait for colorful Chrome Apps!

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