Meet “Fullscreen Anything” for Google Chrome

We have seen Chrome extensions that help us view full size images of any thumbnail on a page (say, a facebook gallery in your stream). But “Fullscreen Anything| is slightly different from them.

It can fullscreenize anything. Images, videos and even games.

Simply click the Fullscreen Anything button (or press Ctrl+Space) to make anything that’s currently on your screen fill the browser window. Press again to undo and continue browsing.

As Fullscreen Anything makes content fill the browser window, rather than the whole screen, you can quickly browse to different tabs while a video continues playing in fullscreen mode. Ideal for multi-tasking!

There is a keyboard shortcut to maximize content, but that is not as good as hover zoom, right? But I am sure hover zoom technique cannot be applied for videos and games.

Anyways, try it from here.

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