Making it Easy to Remove Individual Cookies from A Website #Chrome

Google Chrome team is working on a new feature that will allow users to easily remove specific cookies from websites they visit, without going through the settings page and searching for cookies. The new flow will allow users to remove cookies easily, with less mouse clicks.

François Beaufort writes: Clicking on the “lock” icon in the omnibox pops up the “Cookies set by this page” dialog where we can select the cookie and push the brand new “Remove” button.

Here, take  a look:

You can select a cookie by clicking the name. Chrome will show you more details about the selected cookie, along with the date on which it was created, and the date of expiry.

This feature is currently available on Chromium daily builds.  A few more weeks before it shows up on dev and stable channels. Stay tuned!

  1. Does it work on the Chrome Browser?
    HOW do I check it out?

    1. It is not available yet on Chrome. Wait for few more weeks and it will start rolling out to dev > beta > and then stable.
      You can download chromium browser now to test this.

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