Google is Testing ‘Chromoting’ Remote Desktop Management App for iOS

Remember Chromoting? I had tried it on my Android phone and shared some screenshots for your viewing pleasure. And today I can report to you that Google is testing the iOS app for Chromoting.

What is Chromoting?

It has been a while since we discussed Chromoting, so let me start with a brief intro for those who are reading about it for the first time:

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Chrome app that lets you remotely access other computers from Chrome. Administrators can control their users’ access to Chrome Remote Desktop in several ways.

There is a Chrome extension available already and Google is preparing an Android app for this, which I have already tested. Now, to the iOS app.

Chromoting iOS App

9to5mac has found a bug report on Chromium which explains the plans for the Chromoting iOS app in detail. According to the bug report:

  • Chromoting for iOS is being tested internally (dogfooding as they call it)
  • The design is still unpolished and they are working on making it look similar to the Android app
  • Chromoting for Android will be available first, and the iOS app will follow.

Here is the full description:

As noted, the iOS version is very unpolished at this stage. The toolbar icons are all placeholder, and the background color behind the host screen needs to be changed from blue to black. The upper toolbar for iOS (containing just the back button, so it can barely be called a toolbar), is revealed by tapping on the compass in the lower toolbar. Our plan is to consolidate the upper and lower toolbars into one toolbar that will likely be located in the upper section of the screen. The Android client uses native icons which are built into the OS, and we only package the Chromoting icon and one additional icon to represent the host which Lambros can share if necessary. Lambros is currently working on refactoring the toolbar for the Android client and that should be ready by early next week. It may make sense for your team to review the all-up Android client once the toolbar refactor is complete. If we get you a Android build with the new toolbar by Wed 1/22, would that give you enough time to get us any revised assets by Tuesday 1/28? We anticipate the iOS client will ship after the Android client given they are different stages of implementation. dogfood link:!topic/chromoting-dogfood/4R4adDsnlSQ


No, we can’t access those links from outside the Google network 😉

I have to try if I can build the app from the source and try it out. Time to bug my friend Sandeep.

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  1. Hmmm, how about a ChomeCast app for Remote Desktop (RDC), with your phone as the multitouch trackpad/keyboard? Currently, RDC apps are UNUSABLE on phones because of the small display. ChromeCast would solve this issue, plus phones work great as multitouch trackpads (and okay as keyboards).

    A LOT of business peeps use RDC and VPN with their work blade servers–making their laptops basically dumb terminal devices. Imagine just using ANY Monitor/Hdtv along with your phone… Access a full CPU anywhere you travel: home, hotel, in-laws, where ever.

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