Those Multi-purpose Chrome Extensions Make Google Unhappy

Over the years Chrome has lost a bit of it’s initial simplicity. Only a tiny bit if you ask me. It happened mostly because of the number of features the team introduced, can’t blame them for that, can we?.

But there is another way Chrome is losing its taste for simplicity, extensions, some of them. And Google is not happy about it. According to a blog post from Directory of Engineering Erik Kay, they are bringing in some policy changes to bring simplicity back in to Chrome extensions.

Their primary target is those multi-purpose extensions which attempts to be “all in ones”. Google wants them to have a single goal per extension, or break them in to multiple extensions.

It is for these reasons that we’ve updated the Chrome Web Store policy to enforce our original single-purpose design goal for extensions. We realize that this will require significant changes for some existing extensions. Some may need to be split into multiple separate extensions. Developers may need to switch to a different approach to monetization, which we’ve recently made easier by adding payment options to extensions. Since these changes may take some time to implement, we’re not going to start enforcing the policy for existing extensions in the Web Store until June 2014. For new extensions, the policy will go into effect immediately.

If you are a developer, do not miss this post here.

I am trying to think of extensions that I have installed, coming under this category. Do you have any?

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