“Chromebase” Google? Seriously? You Couldn’t Find A Better Name?

I usually do not ran here. But here goes one, because I couldn’t help it.

I was writing about the new Chrome OS “All in One” announced by LG today, and I asked myself, “Chromebase? is that the best they could come up with as a name?”

They called laptops running Chrome OS “Chromebooks” which was ok, if not awesome or cool. Then they launched Chromeboxes, well, they were boxes indeed, so I thought, fine, whatever.

And then Chromecast, which was  named after the Google service which it uses “Google Cast” Again, boring, but not that bad.

And today, I see a beautifully designed LG All in One device running Chrome OS, and they call it ‘Chromebase”

I mean, come on guys, you guys design cool looking websites, apps and even devices. Why didn’t you guys spend an hour or two brainstorming for a better name?

PS: I do not think this name was picked by LG, the OEM making this new device. Just like Chromebook and Chromeboxes, this is  a new product category in my opinion.

  1. Chromedesk? ChromePC?

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