Chrome Experiment Moves the URL Away

Google Chrome team loves their Omnibar. And the love playing around with it, bringing in innovative new designs, and sometimes rising an eyebrow or two. Here is one such thing.

A new experiment has moved the URL of the current webpage you are on, towards the extreme right of the omnibar, the place where you see your extensions icons now. Only the domain name, not the complete URL will be shown. But you can click it to view the detail.

“As you can see below, the experimental site chip moves the URL out of the Omnibox and shows the hostname in the origin chip in the toolbar. I’ve played with it by enabling the chrome://flags/#origin-chip flag and actually started to get used to it” François Beaufort says.

This frees up the entire Omnibar. It just shows “Search or type URL” as of now.

I am wondering what Google is planning to do with the whole omnibar now. Does this have something to do with Google Now coming to Chrome and Chrome OS? Or is there something else that they are planning?

Any clue?

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