Chrome Adds a Layer of Security For Saved Passwords

Remember the mayhem over Chrome (and other browsers) revealing saved passwords? Well, there is an update on that issue. Coming from François Beaufort, the news is about a new feature that will ask for the computer’s password before showing saved password to anyone.

So, if you happened to share your computer with someone and that special someone tries to see all your saved passwords, they will have to enter the password for the computer to do that.

Of course, totally useless if you have shared your computer’s password as well!

The Reauthentication Dialog for passwords has been enabled by default last week in chromium and after Mac OS, this feature is now ported over Windows in the last chromium build as you can see in this screenshot below, says François Beaufort.

This will roll out to development, beta and stable channels in coming weeks, to make you all feel a bit safer!

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