Top 6 Chrome Extensions for Google Plus

Here is the list of most popular Google Chrome Extensions for Google Plus. Let me know if you have an extension or two that should have made it to this list.

1. Google +1 Button (by Google)

+1 and share a web page, anywhere you go on the web. This extension puts a +1 button on your toolbar to make it easy to share webpages to Google Plus. Most of the websites have implemented the Google+1 button, but if you are on one without the +1 button, this will come handy.


Get the extension here.

2. Google+ Notifications (by Google)

The second extension in our list is also by Google. Plus notifications are available from any Google product page (Search, Gmail, and even Chrome’s new tab page). But this extension brings you alert when you are outside the Google-land.

Whenever you have a new notification (for example, when someone adds you to a circle or shares a post with you), the extension button will turn red and show you how many updates are waiting for you. 


Get the extension here.

3. Helper for Google+ – Add Extra Features to Google+

Helper for Google+ adds a neat list of new features to your Google Plus.


  • Desktop notifications on new posts, also with sound. (mouse over notification to freeze it)
  • Chrome Bookmark Google+ posts for reading them later. Faster and easier!
  • Share Google+ Posts with people on twitter.
  •  Translate posts with Google Translate to language specified by you
  • +1 public Google+ posts to aggregate them to the +1’s tab of your Google+ profile
  • Bookmark posts on Delicious
  • Share posts on facebook
  • Linked hashtags in posts for better search
  • Search in Google+ posts and profiles directly from your omnibox (address box), just type there”plus” (see screenshot) and type your search query.

Get the extension here.

4. Replies and more for Google+

Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements. Here is the list of features:

  • Reply and Reply to Author links for easy +mentions of other users
  • Badges the favicon with a number when you have new messages
  • Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter submit a comment or post
  • “M” key mutes a post
  • Adds a dropdown next to share with additional sharing options (Twitter/Facebook/Email)
  • “originally shared by” linked to original post


Get the extension here.

5. Hover Zoom

Browse images galleries with ease: move the mouse cursor over thumbnails to view images in their full size without loading a new page. Pictures are automatically resized if they don’t fit the window.


Get the extension here.

6. ExtensionG+me for Google Plus™

“Enhances the Google+ web app to make it much easier to process a large stream of incoming posts and comments and unlock the potential of its real-time updates.”

Get the extension here.

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  • Brent Sullivan 06/11/2013, 1:02 am

    Number 5 should be replaced with Hover Zoom. Hover Zoom provides the functionality of this extension, plus allows the same functionality on many, many other websites like IMDB and Google Images. It also has a short cut key “shift + s” to save the largest file size available to your hard drive. Excellent extension and highly recommended. Hope this help ! You can find Hover Zoom in the Chrome Store.

  • renaudmarly 16/11/2013, 3:30 pm

    Number 4 is apparently broken : does not propose any FB sharing option. Comments in the Store go from positive to negative.
    So Google might have change something breaking the app.

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