New Design, SDK, HBO GO, and Verizon. All of that and Chromecast

Google is busy getting Chromecast ready for some adventure this week. There is a new design for the app, new seller – Verizon, new content provider – HBO GO, and a Dev summit and an SDK.


Grab your favorite snack and get cozy on your Iron Throne, because HBO GO has added Chromecast support to their Android, iOS, and web app. Now you can easily enjoy “Game of Thrones,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Girls” and your favorite movies on your TV by casting from the HBO GO app or website. 

Read the official announcement here.

Redesigned Android App

A redesigned Chromecast app for Android showed up on the Play Store.

There’s not much reason to open the Chromecast app once everything’s set up, but that doesn’t mean Google’s still not paying attention to it. the Chromecast app got itself a bit of a redesign tonight, adding the pull-out drawer that all good apps should have. A link to Chromecast-compatible apps is tucked away in that drawer, and the settings menu has been moved there as well, says Android Central.

Dev Hackathon and SDK

Google has sent out invites to developers for a Chromecast Hackathon and an SDK releasing event. This is happening on December 7-8 in Mountain View.

You can Buy Chromecast from Verizon

Just like Motorola, Verizon is now selling Google Chromecast devices.

Coming in right behind Motorola which just started selling Google’s accessory and long after both Amazon and Google Play have offered it, Verizon is prominently displaying the Chromecast as a great accessory on its main page, says Engadget.

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