Momentum Adds Inspirational Quotes and To-Dos to Chrome’s New Tab Page

I have written about plenty of new tab replacement apps for Google Chrome. But as I have mentioned many times, I like to keep the default new tab page because I like it, and also because I want to monitor the changes happening to NTP after each update (turns out, NTP is an area the Chrome team likes to play around with).

But this time, I decided to stick with an app that I installed. Momentum.

Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring todo, weather, and inspiration, the official description says.

On the first run, the extension asks your name, on the elegantly designed new tab page, and starts wishing you with the name. Next, it asks you what you are focussing on for the day, and highlights it there on the NTP, so that you will be reminded each time you open a new tab.

On the top-right corner, there is a small weather notification. And on the bottom, there is a todo list. The todo list and the “today” tasks are editable.

I looked for a settings page, but there is none yet. I would have loved to change the wallpaper on the NTP, (I saw the extension downloading 26MB+, so I am hoping that it will refresh automatically, at its wish).

But, one thing is sure. I am going to use this app for a long time. Official features list follows:

– Todo list tracks your tasks
– See the weather for your area
– Set a goal to focus your day
– Clean design showcases inspirational photography and a motivating quote
– “Apps” button takes you back to the default Chrome home page when needed

Get the Extension from here.

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