Group Chrome and Chrome OS Apps into Folders like Android

Quite often, iOS or Android screenshots from bloggers and power users show apps grouped into many folders. I am not a “folders’ person, but those who are here, I have some good news.

Google Chrome’s app launcher is getting app folders. It is currently available behind the flag #enable-app-list-folder.

Sharing this new feature on Google Plus, Craig Tumblison wrote:

The workflow is very appealing, and my limited testing shows that a lot of time has been put into making it as simple to use as possible. The only issue I’ve encountered is that once you place an app into a folder, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to remove it (if the feature is there, I haven’t been able to find it). I expect this will be tackled soon, before the feature is available to the general public.

Creating New App Folder

To create an app folder, drag an app onto another to create a new folder with both (just like Android and iOS). A new folder with the two apps is created and Chrome asks you to name the folder.

Useful when you have too many apps installed. But for now, I will stick with adding my favorite apps to the taskbar. I don’t have too many apps installed on my Chromebook (at least for now)

How many apps do you have on your Chromebook?

  1. Do you know when this will be in the stable build?

    1. A few weeks. Don’t know the exact date.

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