Google Drive on Chromebook to get a ‘Trash’ Folder

This is not one of those exciting feature additions to Chromebooks. But this definitely is one useful item. According to a recent bug report in the Chromium code base, Google Drive, or the Files App in Chromebook is getting a “Trash” folder to hold the deleted items before removing them completely from your Google Drive account.

This directory is used to hold locally deleted entries that are waiting for server-side deletion, the CL says.

A comment within the code says the following about the new folder structure:

// The found three directories should be /drive/root, /drive/other and
+ // /drive/trash.

From the looks of it, this will work similarly to the undo send feature in Gmail. It allows you to set a time that the email will be in an “Outbox”. You can undo send within that time period and the message will not be sent.

Similarly, when you delete a file from your Google Drive account using the Files app in Chromebook, the file will remain in your Google Drive account for a minute or so, before being deleted. But here, you may not get an option to set this time period, like in Gmail.

More about this as soon as this feature gets implemented in the Dev channel!

Update: As Nate Schmolze rightly put in a Google Plus comment, this trash folder may well be a synced version of your Google Drive trash folder which lives online.

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