Google Chrome Developer Tool Gets Device Emulator

Developer News, mostly. But if you need to try out  the layout of any website on different devices or screen sizes, this is for you as well.

François Beaufort shares developer friend news and tips regularly. But this one is kind of biggie. Google Chrome Dev Tools is getting a device emulator.

By simply checking “Show ‘Emulation’ view in console drawer” in  the DevTools Overrides Settings, you can now emulate any device in Chrome Canary thanks to a plethora of attributes:
– Screen: Resolution, Device Pixel Ratio, Viewport, CSS Media, etc.
– User-Agent spoofing
– Sensors: Touch Screen, Geolocation, Accelerometer

You also get to choose from a list of popular devices to test webpages from. Here is a quick video demo:

You have this if you are on Canary build now, and a few more weeks for the rest of the world.

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