Chromebook Gets the Magical “OK Google” Command, Works Offline

The most exciting Chromebook news of the day, thanks to Google’s François Beaufort. Your Chromebooks will soon get the magical “OK Google” voice command, just like the Android brotherhood.

In Chromebook’s case, the OK Google command opens up the app launcher. And then, you can add voice actions to complete certain tasks.

Now the bonus. Google has added a “voice recognizer plugin” to make this feature work offline too. So, even when you are offline, you can get things (that do not need a connection) done using this command.

How to Try OK Google on Chromebook Now

If you’re on the Dev Channel now and have previously enabled the App Launcher Start Page hidden behind the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-app-launcher-start-page flag, it should work out the box.
Just say “Ok Google” and search for something by saying it. That’s all 😉

Possibilities are limitless François  says. This feature is just in its early stages, so we will soon see pretty useful things coming our way. Some examples:

There are many things we could do such as the  “Ok Google, open Gmail” or “Ok Google, chat with Josh”.

Do you have a wishlist?

  1. A wishlist? For the new Chromebooks to be available outside the U.S.

  2. And all the “App Launcher start page” displays is a set of four recently-used apps with a blank space below. A blank space that could easily be used for Google Now cards, just like the Google Experience Launcher’s leftmost page (this start page is also all the way to the left of the others…)

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