HP Documents Reveal Chromebook 11

HP makes Chromebook 14, a 14 inch Chromebook. And now, their Energy Star qualification list and a support page mentions Chromebook 11, which may be a new Chromebook, an 11 incher.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more than the name available in the leaks or elsewhere. However, if there is such a device, I am sure we will see the announcement soon. Say, in a month or less.

I loved the look of the new HP Chromebook, but 14 was something that I didn’t like in there, along with the low resolution screen. If Chromebook 11 can bring in the same design, colors, better screen and a decent price, I think we will see it flying.

A couple of more weeks, uh!

More Details

A screenshot from an unannounced Best Buy listing has revealed more details:

The Chromebook 11 will be thinner and lighter than Chromebook 14. The battery life seems to be at 6.5 hours, which is less than Chromebook 14. Beats audio is another big plus.

via Engadget

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