HP Chromebook 11 – $279, ARM Processor, Multi-Color and Micro USB Charger

Today is a hot day for Chromies. There is a new Chromebook in town, with a lot of promising features. This could bring a lot more users to Chrome OS just like the $249 Samsung Chromebook. Or, it may be do even better.

Complete Specs – HP Chromebook 11

Facts and numbers first:


  • 11.6″ display with 16:9 aspect ratio (IPS Panel)
  • 1366 x 768
  • 60% Color Gamut
  • 300 nit screen
  • Wide viewing angle (176 degree)


  • Chrome keyboard
  • Fine-tuned, clickable touchpad
  • VGA Webcam


  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • Micro-SIM slot (3G and 4G/LTE model only)
  • Micro USB for 15.75W charging and SlimPort video out

Industrial design

  • Magnesium chassis for strength
  • Available in black or white with a choice of 4 accent colors
  • Silent, fanless design
  • No visible screws, vents, or speakers


  • 297 x 192 x 17.6 mm


  • 2.3lb / 1.04kg


  • Exynos 5250 GAIA Application Processor


  • 2GB (4x 4Gbit) DDR3 RAM
  • 16GB Solid State Drive1


  • Combined headphone / microphone jack
  • Digitally-tuned speakers with sound ported up through the keyboard


  • Up to 6 hours of active use (30 Wh battery)2


  • Dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • Verizon LTE connectivity (optional and coming soon)


  • 100 GB Google Drive cloud storage, free for two years
  • 60-day free trial with Google Play Music All Access, and $9.99/month pricing after that
  • 12 free sessions of GoGo® Inflight Internet

What Makes It Hot

“Hot” is the word that came to my mind when I saw this new Chromebook. The design looks totally cool. There are lot of colors to choose from. And this time, there is an addition to 100 GB Free Google Drive Space, 60-day free trial with Google Play Music All Access.

Micro USB charger is another cool thing. Now, you don’t have to carry a separate charger for your Chromebook. These days, every other guy you meet has a smartphone and if it is not an iPhone, his phone charger is compatible with yours. Because all of them use micro USB for charging. Now you get the same flexibility with Chromebook too.

The light bar from Google Pixel, just to make it look cool. I love it!

So, who is buying this one?

  1. Take this design and give it a 1440 x 900 pixel 13/14″ IPS screen, an SD card slot, and an LTE radio compatible with both Verizon and AT&T, then use the extra footprint to give it more battery (but not more thickness), and they have a deal.

    As long as they don’t go over $400. Is that feasible?

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