Tell me that Apple is making a Chromebook, I will believe that. I am in a mood to believe any Chromebook rumors. There is a reason.

Recently, the number of Chromebook boards increased in the code. If you are following François Beaufort or reading Chrome Story regularly, you would have noticed this too.

But at first, I thought they are all experimental boards and only a few become Chromebooks.

Well, there are a lot of boards which are only experimental. I know of boards that showed up in the code years ago. But last two months changed the way I look at all of them.

Google and their partners announced a lot of new Chromebooks. That has made me a positive man. So when someone tells me that there is an LG Chromebooks in the making, I believe them.

So, back to the LG story.

Recent patent filings by LG have these three interesting names:

  • ‘ChromeOne’
  • ‘ChromeStation’
  • ‘ChromeDesk’

That makes me a believer. A Nexus 4 like Chrome OS device in the making.

Chrome OS device I say.  Not just a Chromebook.

ChromeOne can be a Chromebook. But Chromestation and Chrome Desk.  They sound different, don’t you think? ChromeStation and ChromeDesk might be Chromeboxes, I am thinking.

But, there is something that I don’t understand here. Chromebox is a segment that Chrome OS OEMs have less interest in. Will LG make two Chromeboxes with differences enough to justify a separate product name?

So, here is my guess. One of them is an All-in-One. A Chrome-something-new type of device with a CPU attached to a monitor, you see.

Your turn. Guesses?

via Engadget

  1. Chrome one is a phone, desk a chromebox and station a chromebox like device which works as a docking station for phones and chromebooks… Ohh I’m dreaming

  2. ChromeStation makes me think of a product that is more focused on businesses, like a computer station at a library for the public to use, or a public computer at an airport. Maybe LG will bring Chrome OS to public computers?

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