Get the Old Black Google Bar Back with This Chrome Extension

Google recently introduced a new design across all their products. The black bar is now gone, and we have something similar to Chrome/Chrome OS app launcher. Not many liked this change. I have seen many  comments on Google Chrome’s help forums from people who are upset about this change.

And here is one solution.

Proper Menubar is a Chrome extension by Stefan Van Damme that puts the black bar back on Google websites. This extension does not remove the new app launcher. Instead, it just adds the black bar on the top of it. And it does a decent job with that.

This itself will be a blessing for those who really want the black bar back.

Get it from here.

Feature Request

The extension now adds a long list of Google services on the menu bar. What we need is an option control/limit this to service that we use. An option to re-arrange the order in which they appear also will be totally cool.

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