Get iOS 7 Like New Tab Page for Chrome With This Extension #awesome

Here is a brilliant piece of work. A Chrome extension that makes your new tab page look  like iOS 7 menu. This is a well crafted extension, complete with the iOS 7 style animation and more.

“IOS 7 Home let you enjoy doing everything you used to do on your IOS 7 devices. you have multiple screens and you can navigate through them by using the mouse or keyboard, also you can activate the edit mode for apps by clicking and holding on for a second on any app then you can move apps between screen pages, reorganize them, or delete any app you want (Double click or ESC to deactivate edit mode).

IOS 7 Home offers a lot of customizations and settings, you can explore IOS 7 home settings by clicking on the settings icon and from the settings new window you can change wallpaper, export and import settings, moreover you can add any website you want to your iOS7 Home.”


  • iOS 7 wallpapers
  • iOS 7 animation
  • Dock to pin your favorite apps
  • iOS 7 app rearranging and removing, complete with the animation. (Click and drag any extension to launch this, re-arrange apps or remove them. Press ESC when done.)
  • Inbuilt app store
  • Add your on app (Name, URL and icon)
  • Export or import settings



There is only one thing that I miss here. The apps menu that comes with the extension is not something I liked. It is a long list, and I have only a handful of apps installed on my Chromebook. I would love to see the extension using my personal apps list instead of extension’s own apps menu. Yes it can be customized and organized, but you know..!

Get the extension here.

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