Extensionizr Wants To Help You Create Chrome Extensions Easily

If you are a developer looking for a way to speed up the Chrome extension development process, or a newbie looking for some help to get started, Extensionizr is worth checking out.

Extensionizr helps you create the basic framework of the extension that you want to create in a few mouse clicks and makes the code available for instant download.

Here is how it works:

Select the type of extension that you wish to create: Hidden Extension, Page action or Browser action. You will see the code being prepared in your Omnibox.

Next, you get a series of options to choose from, to customize your extension:

  • Background page
  • options page
  • overrides
  • content scripts
  • Addons
  • URL permissions
  • Permissions

After selecting the options you need, click the Download button at the bottom. The code and files will be downloaded as a zip file. You can start your actual programming from here.

Try it out here.

Thanks Sandeep Sadanandan

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