How to Exclude Your Browsing History While Searching From Chrome’s Omnibox

Whenever I want to open my blog, I simply type C and press Enter on my Chromebook. This is cool. But at times, I only want search suggestions there.

So, how do I get rid of my history from Omnibox suggestions?

Exclude Your Browsing History

Now, it is just Browsing History that we are talking about. This method will still show your search history as suggested keywords. There is a way to avoid that too. I will tell you that as well.

The trick here is to start your Omnibox search with a “?” (question mark). Once you do this, Chrome will exclude the websites you visited from suggestions.

There is a keyboard shortcut as well.  Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E for Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux, ⌘-Option-F for Mac.

So, how do you get rid of your search history too? Incognito mode + ? is your answer. If you use this trick in the incognito mode, Chrome will only show suggestions from your search history.

Cool uh?

via Google Operating System.

  1. Pretty nice, is there a similar way to search only in bookmarks?

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