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Chromebooks to Get Android Like “In-Context” Quick Start Guide

Remember booting up your Android phone first time? (or after each wipe and re-install, if you are like me). There will be an in-context help page overlay each time you open a new function. Chrome OS is getting something similar. Very soon.

Here is the plan,according to couple of bug reports found by Craig Tumblison

“This approach implements an in-context overlay, which points out informative key parts of the UI. During this modal flow, we will disallow out-of-scope interactions with the UI to avoid hijacking the first-run flow and leaving the user in an inconsistent state. The user will need to click on  “Next” (or possibly anywhere on the screen – we will need to experiment) to progress. Clicking on UI elements such as the launcher and the status tray during this flow does not result in the usual interactivity.

“Proposed layering (from negative z-index to positive z-index): Modal shield below first-run UI, first-run UI and UI elements, then a topmost transparent layer that prevents direct interaction with UI elements.

Anyone with an Android phone can understand the plan here without any further explanation. You will get a transparent overlay that explains the page/function that you are about to explore for the first time.


Here is an example.

But of course, you can always find more tips and tricks here on my Chromebook special page 😉

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