You Can Now Use Google+ Photo Editing on ARM Chromebooks

There are only 2 ARM based Chromebooks. But they are the most popular ones in the market and that means a lot of people are curious about ARM specific changes/news. If the ARM  Chromebooks miss features, there will be complaints about device fragmentation too. Google has enough of that on the Android side.

Anyways, there is some good news for ARM Chromebook users (Samsung Series 3 and HP Chromebook 11). Brian Matiash, a community manager for Google+ Photos, announced the additional support on Google Plus.

So, if you are a Chromebook user with Samsung Series 3 or HP Chromebook 11, congratulations. Welcome to the party.

Chromecast Icon While Casting Tabs

On another news, Google Chrome has started showing a Chromecast icon when you are casting a tab from Chrome. Eric Anderson spotted this and shared a screenshot on Google Plus:

That icon needs a bit of fine tuning, don’t you think?

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