New Haswell Chromebooks at Intel Developer Conference This Week?

PC World reports New Chromebooks running Intel’s latest Haswell processors are expected to be announced at the Intel Developer Forum this week, according to a source familiar with the plans.”

So, when is IDF 2013? It happens September 10 to 12 at Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA. I looked at the agenda for the event, but no luck finding Sundar Pichai there!

What to Expect?

This will be the right time to recap on all the Haswell based boards that I reported in the past.

  • Leon: A Haswell board with back lit keyboard.
  • Bolt: Haswell, 4GB RAM and Touchscreen. Easily a Pixel 2 candidate.
  • Peppy: Haswell – not much is known about this one.
  • Slippy:

Bay Trail Chip on Chromebooks?

There is another bit of news in the same article.

Intel has said Google’s Chrome OS will also appear in laptops running its “Bay Trail” Atom processors. Bay Trail was designed for tablets and low-cost laptops, and Intel was expected to announce new Bay Trail chips this week.

We do not have any mention of Bay Trail on Chrome OS code yet. But this is definitely something that I will be looking for during my daily bug hunting!


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