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How to Reduce the Chromebook Developer Mode Warning Time

Let me start with a warning. Do this only if you really want to. Do it at your own risk. Do it, only if you really know what you are doing.

I leave the developer mode on most of the times. There is this warning when I switch on my Chromebook, and I am ok with it. But this week, I met couple fo people who were not comfortable with this and wanted to disable thing warning, or at least reduce the time. They wanted to enjoy the extras that the developer mode gives too.

johnlewis.ie has a tutorial on how to delay the developer mode alert to about 2 seconds.

The procedure is a follows:

  • Open Chromebook and enable/disable write protect jumper
  • Read existing BIOS using flashrom
  • Write new BIOS file with correct flags using gbb_utility
  • Write new BIOS file to BIOS using flashrom

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  1. Thanks for linking to me from your article there. I don’t think it works on the Samsung Series 5 550 (at least it didn’t on mine), but it does work with the Series 3 ARM. If you want to get rid of the developer warning on the 550 you might have to flash a coreboot build, but then you’ll have to install a Linux instead of ChromeOS.

    1. Thanks for the update!!

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