Chromecatch Turns Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Chromecast Receiver

When there is an app to make Android phones and tablets Chromecast receiver, something similar for iOS is also required right? Yes, with Chromecatch, an iOS app, your iPhone or iPad can now work as a Chromecast receiver.

But there is a catch. This app is not free. Chromecatch for Chromecast charges $0.99 to make your iPad or iPhone a Chromecast receiver. But if you compare that with the $35 price of the Chromecast dongle, this is not bad. Comparing Chromecast dongle with an iOS app is not a good thing to do though.

How to use Chromecatch

  1. Launch Chromecatch on the receiving iDevice, and wait for a few seconds. The app has a really plain main screen, with nothing but a message declaring that the app is ready to receive the ‘cast’.
  2. On another device or computer, launch YouTube and go to the video you want to stream. Make sure that both the receiving iDevice and the one with YouTube running are on the same WiFi network.
  3. There should be a new Chromecast icon next to the playback controls in the video that is currently being played. Tap it.
  4. Choose your iPhone from the list of connected devices that show up in the Chromecatch menu, and you’re done.

Buying this one?

I am still thinking. I can just look up the video on my iPad and play it away right? Or am I missing something?


  1. the app is no longer in the app store on ios

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