Is Acer Haswell Chromebook Getting Touchscreen?

Fredrik Linnander is a Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist from Sweden. After playing around with the new Haswell based Acer C720 Chromebook for a while he posted a few interesting things on Google Plus.

  • Acer C720 will have 5 different variants. One of them will have an optional touch screen
  • Other models include 2GB RAM with 16GB SSD
  • and a 4GB RAM model with 32GB SSD
  • Here is the spec sheet (touch screen is not mentioned)
  • A video Q&A session with Acer.
  • RAM or Storage cannot be upgraded (You could easily add additional RAM or Storage in previous Acer Chromebook models)

Moving Away from Cheap?

According to Fredrik Linnander, Acer is planning to make a small change in the strategy. These new Chromebooks may not be as cheap as the previous models. “The most expensive would be ~545 USD” he says.

 Acer is either planning to shift gears and push some premium Chromebooks to the market or want to establish themselves as the makers of the first touch screen Chromebook (save Pixel). A touch screen Chromebook with 4GB RAM, 32GB storage and the new Haswell processor for $545 sounds like a winner.

We will have to wait until we get an official confirmation on all this though.

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