Meet Sony’s Chromecast Device

Remember the rumors about a Chromecast like device (Google Cast device, actually.) from Sony? Here is something more reliable, from the same FCC report. We have better pictures and some more documents listing the specs of the device.

This time though, there is a little twist. The device is not just a dongle. It has a “step” like design with a dongle and a set top box. Here, take a look:

There is a set top box like device connected to the dongle. Or let us say, a combination of Google TV and Google Cast.


Like previous Google TV devices, it brings HDMI passthrough to the table along with an IR blaster, remote diagrams (in a separate filing) look similar to the one included with the NSZ-GS7 and GS8. Inside is a low power Marvell DE3108 SoC, 8GB of flash memory and 1GB RAM, however the specs indicate it’s limited to 720p video output. As GTVHacker put it, the entire thing is similar to the Chromecast but with Google TV features. (Engadget)

Now price is the biggest question. We know the price of Google Chromecast and also Google TVs. But what happens when you blend these two and offer as a new product?

Apart from price, there are a lot more questions to be answered on what Sony is planning by combining two different Google products. Exciting tmes ahead!

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