Is Sony Working on a Chromecast?

Google Chromecast was a surprising entry to the Chrome family. Now, things are getting more interesting. Sony’s recent FCC filing for a Chromecast-like media streamer may be a hint to a more colorful future for Chromecast.

Though the mysterious device follows the naming convention of the company’s Google TV boxes – it’s model NSZ-GU1, and they’re NSZ-GT1 and NSZ-GS7, respectively – it lacks HDMI pass-through, a hallmark of Google TV.  Test diagrams indicate the GU1 is a stick, powered by an external AC adapter (or, presumably, capable A/V equipment), that plugs directly into an open HDMI port. It does come replete with an IR blaster and Bluetooth, but those features aren’t necessarily indicative of anything; IR probably helps toggle the power and inputs on television sets without HDMI-CEC, and Bluetooth could be used to stream audio to a speaker system – writes Android Authority.

Is Google Opening Up Chromecast Platform for OEMs?

If this device is indeed Chromecast dongle, we will soon see some more stuff coming out from other vendors too. I am sure Samsung and Acer will be eager to try out Chromecast, since they already have a strong relationship with the Chrome/Chrome OS platform.

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