Google Has Plans to Monetize Chromecast?

Google Has Plans to Monetize Chromecast?. Looks like they have. No surprises. Google makes money by giving away services free and monetizing them. But Chromecast is slightly different because you are paying $35 for the dongle.

Developer Leon Nicholls has found some references for advertisements in the Chromecast device. Here is his post.

While looking at the source HTML for the home screen on the ChromeCast device, I uncovered JavaScript logic to load banner ads.

The ads are currently hardcoded to URLs for images that don’t load. The banner ads are displayed at the bottom of the screen as in my mockup. Each banner is displayed for 60 seconds and there is support for showing a sequence of ads at a time.

The banner ad logic doesn’t work on the actual device, but it is interesting that Google is considering using ads to monetizing the ChromeCast device.

If Google plans to put advertisements on Chromecast, will it change anything? Like, giving away the dongle free? That can take Google Chromecast to another level.

(Click the image to see full size)

Google can team up with Android OEMs and TV manufacturers to give away Chromecast along with their devices. Or maybe, Google can start streaming paid and ad-supported content through Chromecast.

A lot can happen over a Chromecast ad.

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