Google Drive in Chrome OS Files App Gets Inbuilt Sharing

Remember this? “Coming Soon – Google Drive in all Save-file Dialogs of Chrome OS” Here is something similar, this time from within the Files App of Chrome OS.

Let us hear from the man himself :

We can now share Google Drive files and folders directly from the Files App in the last Dev Update of Chrome OSIt is as simple as clicking on the Share button and the cool thing is that it’s the same Google Drive Share Dialog you’re already familiar with. Says François Beaufort

It is the same sharing screen from the Google Drive web app. You get Gmail, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter along with an option to share  URL. But the most important one is the ability to invite people using email.

Here is the description from the CL:

Implements the share dialog in

This patch implements the embedded sharing dialog available via the context menu in Currently, it works only with files. Also, only the English locale.

TEST=Run, select a file on Drive, right-click, and select Share. This change requires changes on the server-side, which should land to production within two weeks.

A good start. But I would love to see Google Drive getting deeper integration. And maybe an API that lets other apps like Dropbox work in-sync with the Files app.

Do you have anything similar in your wish list?

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