Google Chromecast Has Bluetooth Hardware Inside

Chromecast does most of the magic through the web, and rest via the Wifi network that the device is connected to. But bluetooth might add a lot more possibilities to the ecosystem. And looks like Bluetooth support on Chromecast is actually a possibility because the device already has the hardware internals.

Cnet says:

An image of the stripped down HDMI dongle shows a Marvel DE3005 SOC processor, which is likely based on the Armada 1500 architecture. While we are unable to find specific information about this model, an earlier launched DE3100 version boasts two 1.2GHz processing cores and dedicated 3D engine.

Another important chip is the AzureWave AW-NH387, which handles Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity. It is still unclear whether the Chromecast uses Bluetooth for any function, although it is technically possible. On the opposite side of the circuit board are two Micron chips: A 4Gb (500MB) DDR3 RAM module marked as D9PXV and possibly 16Gb (2GB) of ROM provided by the larger chip. We were unable to find the exact model from the Micron Web site, though.

So the device has what it needs on the hardware side. Rooting Chromecast? it is already done. So, either we will see Google pushing some new update and may be an Android app to support Bluetooth on Chromecast, or one of the developers out there will bring some non-official stuff.


Is there anyone here hacking Chromecast already?

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