Coming Soon – Google Drive in all Save-file Dialogs of Chrome OS

You can call this a new feature for Chrome OS or a new strategy for Google Drive. Google is taking Drive + Chromebook integration little more deeper by integration Google Drive in all “save-file” dialogs in Chrome OS.

Here is the CL that I spotted today:

Enable Google Drive in all save-file dialogs of Chrome OS.

All set.

TEST=Try export from bookmark manager, editor, certificate manager, or about:tracing.

With this change, Google Drive will be omnipresent in Chrome OS, encouraging users to use it more. And for Chromebook owners like me who got 100GB free Google Drive space with the purchase, this will be a really good reason to cheer.


Since we see  the Pixlr app mentioned in there, I am assuming that “Save to Google Drive” will show up in many more places with extensions and packaged apps.

This is a Work-in-progress at the moment, and will need some more time for us to see in action, at least in the dev channel.

As usual, stay tuned for more coverage on this!

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