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Chromecasting From Android Phones and Dropbox (and Google Drive)

Koushik Dutta, a big name in the Android community has been playing around with the Chromecast SDK, trying to integrate the new service with Android phones and applications. This is a quick post to share the excitement and bring you two videos that Koushik shared on Google Plus.

He already has working apps for sending videos from Android phones, and to cast from the Dropbox server directly (just like Google Play Movies or Netflix).

The first video demo is of sharing a video from the phone directly to Chromecast. He shoots a video on the phone and picks up the Chromecast app from the “Share” menu of Android, and streams directly to the TV equipped with Chromecast.

The second video is a demo of the Dropbox app sending videos to Chromecast TV. The feature works similarly to Google Play Music and Netflix. The video will stream directly from the Dropbox servers. This means you will be able to leave the app and use your phone as normal while the TV plays your video.

The video stream itself is direct from dropbox to Chromecast, but the phone does a small amount of negotiation and massaging to make that happen Koushik said, replying to a question on Google Plus.

In one of the comments, he also said that integrating Chromecast with Google Drive also should be an easy job. So, when the app is available on Google Play, we might see Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more file-sharing platforms being integrated, hopefully! Pretty much possible because of how Android is built.

I can’t wait to see this made available on Google Play.

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