Chromecast Local Files From Your Computer with “Fling”

Chromecast developer Leon Nicholls has cooked up something cool again. This time it is a Java-based application that you can use to send videos, songs, etc from computer to Chromecast. Now anybody can play local media directly from their computers to their ChromeCast device. No browser required, he says.

There was a workaround that we could use to send local media to Chromecast. Open local files in a Chrome tab and cast the tab using the experimental feature of sending an entire Chrome tab to Chromecast. With Fling, you can send the file without Chrome.

Sending Local Files to Chromecast using Fling

  1. Download and run the app
  2. Connect to your Chromecast
  3. Drag and drop your media to the app
  4. Sit back and enjoy it.

Here is a video:



  1. Looks like this doesn’t work for video formats other than .mp4, if any one have a work around to get it work please share the information. Thanks for sharing.

  2. App no longer works for any video.

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