Chromebooks to Get a “Connectivity Diagnostics Tool”

You already know How to Diagnose Wifi and 3G Connection Issues on Your Chromebook. But there is a new diagnostics tool to help you with this.

François Beaufort reports:

The Chromium OS Team is currently building a Connectivity Diagnostics Tool in the last Dev Update.

This Chrome Component Extension available in the Network Error page by clicking first on the “More” button and the “Diagnose Errors” button will definitely help users to understand Network issues like Firewalls and Captive Portals for instance.

How Does it Work?

When you hit a network error on a tab, click the Diagnose errors button. The new Connectivity Diagnostics will launch and start checking for errors.

The app shows the progress in percentage while the tests are running. For me, I got an message saying everything is alright!

Here is how a diagnostic result looks like:


The Settings page now has only one option, to show passing tests. By default, the app hides all the tests that your Chromebook has passed.

This of-course is still a work-in-progress. Wait for a few weeks and you will it in action on stable builds!

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