Chrome OS Gets OSX Like Mission Controls Exposé – Calls It Overview Mode

OSX  users, Apple fans start here

OSX users, pick up your pitchforks or any online tool you have. You’ll need it. Chromebooks just got a new feature called “Overview Mode” which works ( or at least looks at this moment ) like the mission control mode of OSX.

Chromebook users, start reading from here.

Chrome OS team has added a new featured called Overview Mode, hidden behind the flag  chrome://flags/#enable-overview-mode. This works best when you have multiple windows open. Press the []]] button of your Chrome Device (or F5) to get a “birds eye view” of all open windows. From there, you can click on any window to go to it.

Update: This now works with ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut. Hold down both the keys to go to the Overview mode.

Here is how it looks like:

Click the image to view it in full-size.

The feature is work-in-progress. But for now, it does a pretty and good job on my Chromebook. What we need to know now is if the team has plans to implement a track-pad gesture like OSX. On a Mac, you can get this mode with a three finger swipe. It will be pretty cool to have such a gesture on the Chromebook too.

via François Beaufort

  1. I cant find it in my dev channel flag setting… what am I doing wrong?

    1. Which version are on you on?

    2. Yeah, if you have any updates available, try actually installing them. Or, at the very least, navigate to the “chrome://chrome” page, copy the version, and paste it here, and if it’s not the latest version, keep refreshing the page until it updates.

      Sometimes, a “Powerwash” also helps… And also, if you were on Dev but switched to Beta via the channel toggle, you would still be on Dev until Beta is updated to a newer version. Again, what version does the “chrome://chrome” page mention? If it’s anything other than, yeah, better update and THEN we’ll go from there.

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