Chrome is Getting Default “Search by Image”

Use Google’s “Search by image” a lot? Do you have Google’s official Chrome extension for this feature installed? I have got some good news for you. Google is adding this feature to Chrome browser itself.

François Beaufort is reporting that the team has added this feature to the latest Chromium builds. If everything goes according to the plan, we will see this feature on our desktops in few weeks from now.

This feature is not exclusive to Google’s search by image tool. Any search engine with search by image support can handle the requests coming through. That means, if your default search engine is X, when you right click on an image and select “search by image”, X should be able to handle the request.

If you are curious how this works, here is a (very) brief note from the official CL.

The UI part of search-by-image search.

When users click the ‘search-by-image’, the work flow is
(1) Chrome sends ChromeViewMsg_RequestThumbnailForContextNode to render
(2) Render gets the image, down-scale (if necessary) and send it back with ChromeViewHostMsg_RequestThumbnailForContextNode_ACK)
(3) Chrome generates image search URL for current search provider, sends the search request and opens a new tab to show the result.

Using Search by Image on Chrome


Simple. Right click an image and choose “Search Google by this image” (Replace Google with your default search engine, of course)


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  • zzllrr Imager Geek 07/08/2013, 5:45 pm

    another way is to install Chrome extension ZIG(zzllrr Imager Geek).
    right-click the image and click “ZIG”, “similar pic” and “Google”

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