Onefeed Puts a RSS & Social Feed Reader on your New Tab Page

Occasionally people (mostly kids, when I visit friends and family) take a look at the list of apps on my phone and then ask me this question. “You don’t have any games?”

No I don’t. I fill up my phone and tab with reading apps. I do no games.

I love Flipboard and Feedly. I spend my free time on Pocket and Google Play Books. I read, read, and read more. And when you tell me that I can make my new tab page a reading app, I say YES.

Well, I do not know if this is going to be too deep of a jump, but I am giving it a try. Should you be doing this? Lets take a look.

Official Description

Everything you love, in one place. OneFeed brings together all your favorite sites. Get Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram , your favourite news sites and much more, directly to your new tab page. OneFeed turns your new tab into the ultimate dashboard.

OneFeed saves you time and lets you consume content on-the-go. Your personal news feed runs items from your favorite sites and social networks. The notification center keeps you updated whenever you have a new Email or Facebook message.

Switch modes to scroll through your social feeds – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all together directly through OneFeed. Your personal news reader helps you stay updated with your favorite sources. Browse by categories or click a specific source to further discover great items.


Features List

  • Your new tab page is still intact, in way. By default the app takes you to your most visited websites and shows 3 boxed news items. You can hide this
  • You can scroll to the right to get the News/Social reader
  • Once you navigate to the news page within the app, it remembers this position. It opens this page next time you open a new tab.
  • It remembers your selection within the news page too. If you were on the tech news section, or your twitter stream, you come right back here.
  • You can add or remove news sources to customize your news
  • In social reader, you can Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram
  • If you connect social networks, you get notifications on the new tab page, which is kind of fancy.

Here is a quick video showing off this app:

Think this is something you should get too? Go Here.

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