HBOGo Coming to Google Chromecast Soon

Code bits found on the Chromecast config file shows a list of content providers that Google is testing behind the scene. Here is the list shared by @cj_000 on twitter:

testing apps: Pandora, HBOGo, Revision3, Songza, and others may be incoming.

Free 3 Months Netflix Gone!

Google pulled the 3 months free Netflix offer on the first day itself. The promotion gave users, new and existing, three free months of Netflix’s video streaming service, valued at about $24.

Sahas Katta tweeted:

Just heard from a Netflix employee that nearly 250,000 promo codes were created for the Google Chromecast when the promo was pulled.

Hacking Chromecast

Here is another piece of big news from Engadget:

DIYers may have other reasons to be interested however, as Leon Nicholls posted on Google+ about his findings on how the device works as a DIAL server. His tests suggested there is potential for controlling it from outside of Chrome based on how it responds to some commands. Hit the source links for more info, and let us know if you’ve found any other services that already work.

Looks like Chromecast is going to be as exciting as Chromebooks. But I am happy to see that it is getting more initial momentum than what Chromebooks got. Faster adoption is always good sign for any gadget, right?

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