Google is Adding Guest Browsing to Chrome

Here is a Chrome OS feature making it to Chrome. Guest browsing. Some random guy  named  on Google Plus ( 😉 ) is reporting that the latest builds of Chromium has this feature already working, behind a flag.

Here is a bit of info available from the CL.

Adding a first prototype of guest mode.

This currently doesn’t support the guest contract (fresh profile each session). That will come in a future CL.
Screenshot of UI available at

TEST=Launch chrome with the flag enable-desktop-guest-mode. The avatar menu should be shown even when there is only one profile, there should be a guest link in the menu and it should launch a new window with no avatar menu. Launching that window will also cause a directory called “Guest Profile” to be created in the user data dir.

This is currently available behind the flag chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management flag in Windows. Please remember that this is still work-in-progress.



Well, there is nothing much to ask for because when you let someone use your browser, you are allowing them to use the whole computer itself. So, if I tell them to use Guest Mode, of course it is going to be totally independent of my settings and stuff, but still, they can switch to my profile and use Chrome just like me.

Why don’t you make it an option to ask for Google password (if signed in and opted) when Chrome is started each time, or when profile is switched?

This way, the Guest mode is more meaningful and safe. What say, Google?

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  • yoonsikp 19/07/2013, 4:48 am

    sort of like incognito