“+ Flip It” Extension from Flipboard – Single Click to Add Content to your Flipboard Magazines

Flipboard launched Magazines on the Web, their first venture outside the mobile platform. My feed reader is full of articles and blog posts announcing this big news. But the first thing I did was searching the Chrome Web Store for any app or extension for Flipboard, just in case!

And I found one.

“Save your favorite stories, images and videos from across the web into your own Flipboard magazines. Create magazines on any topic from Mid Century Design to Italian Cooking to Gadgets I Love.”

Get it here.

And Flipboard Magazines

If you are already using Flipboard, I don’t have to tell you how awesome the Magazines are. But if you haven’t tried this out yet, you must.

I am not sure if the experience on the web will be as awesome as grabbing your tablet and flipping through articles. However, it is good to see that more people will get access to the Flipboard content now.

And here excerpts from the Flipboard blog:

The Web magazines were uniquely designed for desktop browsing, all with Flipboard’s signature look and feel. Each magazine has an expansive, full-bleed cover, and pages can be “flipped” from left and right, just like on mobile devices. Curators can continue to add content to their magazines from the Web and other Web magazines, but now they have a significant new way to grow readership.

Chrome Story on Flipboard

I already have a Flipboard magazine for Chrome and Chromebooks related news. Since they are going to get more audience on the web, I will make it better and share with you all soon.


Happy Flipping!

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