How to use Chrome’s serial API to talk with Arduino Board

Honestly, I am writing about something I do not have no clue about. But Chrome Story is for developers too and I do not want to loose an opportunity that I get to tell them about something cool.

The Arduino team has posted an article on how to use Chrome’s serial API to talk to Ardunio board. I looked up this API’s official page and here is what I found:

“Use the chrome.serial module to read from and write to a device connected to a serial port”. This API is available from Chrome 23. And here is the note from Arduino blog:


Adobe’s evangelist Renaun, created a video to explain how to use Chrome’s serial API to talk with an Arduino board as well as receive data from it. You just need to run thissketch file on your board and then run the code in Chrome. Watch the video below to hear Renaun commenting the code!

And the video!

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