How to install Opera Extensions in Google Chrome

I thought Chrome Web Store has all the extensions that you’ll need. But here is a tip, just in case, telling you how to install opera extensions on Google Chrome.

This is possible because Opera 15 and the latest Google Chrome versions share the same core. The process is not straight forward since both browsers use different file extensions for their extensions. Opera is working on a “Download Chrome Extensions” add-on for Opera which has not been released publicly yet. Until then, here is the workaround.

The trick is to download the opera extension (a .nex file) and upload it using Chrome’s extension developer tool available at chrome://extensions. Now, to the steps:

  1. Open the add-ons store in Opera 15. (You must use Opera 15 otherwise you will be redirected to the old addons store)
  2. Find the extension that you wish to add to Chrome. Right click the add to Opera button and choose Save linked content as…
  3. Save the .nex file
  4. Open chrome://extensions page and drag and drop the .next file here to install


Now tell me, is there any super cool Opera addon that is not available on Chrome Web Store yet?

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