Can I Use Photoshop on my Chromebook?

The most popular question about Chromebooks. Can I install Photoshop on my Chromebook? Well, you cannot. May be in future, when Adobe releases a cloud powered version of Photoshop, may be. But until then, there are some alternatives. But before that I have to ask you one thing.

Do you really need photoshop?

Do not misunderstand me. I use photoshop, occasionally. I know many other people who use photoshop. But the percentage of people who use photoshop to its full power, is very less.

Most of us use it for basic image editing and photo manipulation. I am not saying everyone, but most. When web apps cannot replace photoshop for professional photographers and pro users, many of us can easily switch to web apps for most of our photo editing needs.

I have got some suggestions if you are interested.

Chrome OS Image Editor App

Chrome OS has a (very) basic image editor built in to the Files app. You can access it by clicking the edit icon (the pencil) while viewing an image from the Files app.


Using the Chrome OS image editor you can do the following:

  • Autofix: Adjusts color, tone and brightness etc automatically
  • Crop
  • Adjust brightness
  • Roate
  • Undo

If you check “Overwrite original”, changes will be automatically saved to the current image. If it is unchecked, a new copy of the image will be created. All changes are saved automatically.


Pixlr offers a suite of web apps for photo editing and manipulation on the web. I have got three of them listed below.

  • Pixlr Editor: With a UI similar to photoshop, this tool has a lot of features to offer, and it is free. Get the app here.
  • Pixlr ExpressQuick fix you photos with tons of adjustments, effects, overlays and borders! Install from here.
  • Pixlr-o-matic: Instagram like photo effects on the cloud. Install from here.

There are many similar tools available on the Chrome Web Store. And pretty soon, we will see packaged apps with image editing capabilities, which will let you do some stuff without internet connection too.


Stay tuned to Chrome Story for more!

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  • The MAZZTer 18/06/2013, 10:33 pm

    Also worth mentioning if you install Chrome Remote Desktop on your desktop and chromebook you can use any programs on your desktop from your chromebook (within reason… anything with a high level of animation such as fullscreen games are not going to work very well if at all).

  • androidpastor 19/02/2014, 8:42 pm

    I agree with The MAZZTer. The remote desktop is great. I used it last night from home to work on a Photoshop project that i had started earlier in the day at work. It worked so well that I’m going to use the Chromebook full time and Remote Desktop only when i need to do graphics.