Pause Notifications and Sync Wallpaper and Other Things In The Chrome OS Dev Channel Update

I just rebooted after a development channel update for Chrome OS. I do not know if it is my eyes or the update, things are looking bright all of a sudden. Good.

But it is not just the brightness that has changed. There is a bunch of cool additional things that happened with this development channel updates.

Pause and Clear Notifications (Uses Android Style Icon)

The notifications center got three new icons. There is a pause icon that will pause notifications for a day, or until you click that again, which ever happens first.

There is an icon to all notifications with one click. Now this one is really something. If you are someone looking out for Android + Chrome OS merger or marriage, this extension should give some kick. The icon is exactly the same icon that you use on Android to clear notifications.


There a new settings icon as well, letting you easily access controls for the rich notifications menu.

Your Wallpaper, Now Synced Across Devices

I think I told you about this few weeks ago. Here. More details from François Beaufort

Chrome OS now remembers your wallpaper and will sync it across all your devices in a matter of seconds in the last Dev Update.

The coolest thing for me is the fact that the Wallpaper Picker App is nothing more than a Chrome App which simply takes advantage of the chrome.sync API to sync a simple key that indicates which wallpaper you selected. See

You can actually dive into it by going to chrome://sync, select the “Sync Node Browser” tab, expand “Root”, go to “App Settings” and look for “wallpaper-sync-info-key”.

 You Can Now Move and Rearrange the Chrome App

The Chrome app icon was fixed on the task bar so far. Today’s dev channel update changes that. You can now move the Chrome app and place it as you prefer!

Other Changes

  • The “Format Device” option is back on the Files app. You can format SD cards or USB sticks using this option.
  • Some more time zones have been added to the list 
  • From the apps menu, you can now search for an app and launch it from the search results.
  • You can right click on an app in the search results and to same things you do from app menu (like pin it to the task bar)
  • The upcoming virtual keyboard now has a microphone icon to take voice input, making it almost similar to virtual keyboards on smartphones and tablets
  • The exit keyboard shortcut  <Ctrl> + <Shift> + q now displays a confirmation message asks you to press it one more time to exit, saving accidental exits due to keyboard shortcut mistakes.

Source : François Beaufort (wait… can it be someone else?)

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